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blackVPN 1 point 2 points 3 points 2 years ago No, the point of the post was to show that the article "Best VPN Reddit Users Voted For In 2017" is absolutely untruthful, since the #2 choice has only ONE mention on Reddit. BlackVPN? : VPN - reddit Blackvpn is just asking for it. We have been monitoring his lies on this reddit thread as well as his school of privacy and torrentfreak lies. We are Egyptian. We are everyone. We are anonymous. Blackvpn needs to feel a crippling DNS amplification ddos attack on his servers. blackVPN – Get The Premium VPN Service For speed, connection stability and security we use bare-metal servers dedicated only to blackVPN members – not Cloud/Virtual servers like most VPNs do. Security. AES-256 bit encryption and 4096 bit RSA certificates when you connect with OpenVPN – the strongest encryption of any VPN service. BlackVPN Review (HK-based VPN - TESTED) |

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BlackVPN Review - Good or Bad? Neither (4 Reasons Why) BlackVPN is a Hong Kong based VPN provider. They've got strong encryption standards and good usability, but is that all it takes? The pay-to-win business model that they run is slightly annoying. You get most of the best features with the most expensive package. Read more about BlackVPN in this review.

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Top reasons why people like blackVPN: 1. Reliable servers with good speeds 2. Good support 3. Reliable and powerful 4. A court order form Hong Kong is requ