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Can I use multiple routers connected to my cable modem One was some sort of combo thing that also stood up my local phone connection. The second was the DOCSIS3 modem they added when I upgraded to Ultimate. I actually no longer use the phone line and will probably return the phone/modem device and have it taken off my account. But, initially, it … How to Use Your Router and ISP’s Modem/Router Combo In Tandem Jul 10, 2017

If you look at the picture of my modem below, it has a USB (blue) and a ETHERNET (yellow) port. Of course there are many other ways to connect two computers together to share files or an internet connection, however this article is about connecting two computers to one modem. My service provider, Telstra Australia, supplied this modem to me.

Two routers from one line? — Digital Spy Now it isn't possible to connect two router/modems to a single line but you can connect one modem and two or more routers to the modem. So if you are taking about the connecting two router/modems to a single phoneline then it can't be done. 0. REPASSAC Posts: 2,007. Help in setting up two routers on DMZ mode - TechSpot Forums May 15, 2019

Connecting Two Computers To A Single Cable Modem

Connecting two routers to one single cable modem.? | Yahoo Apr 05, 2012