An encrypted app for private texts & calls. Hide secret text messages, call logs, personal contacts and protect your private photos, videos, passwords and notes from prying eyes.

Nov 15, 2016 · If you’re on Android–or you’re an iOS user communicating with an Android user–you’ll want the Signal app from OpenWhisper systems. With it, you can encrypt both your calls and your SMS messages from one app, without worrying about a complicated setup process, using separate logins, or even removing your profile from your phone first. Dec 24, 2015 · Anything that is stored on your iPhone is protected with encryption including but not limited to email, text messages, contacts, call logs, data stored in stock and third-party apps and more. Anything that is stored on the iCloud is also encrypted, including your iMessages, Fingerprint scans, health data and more. Jun 21, 2020 · So if you send a message from an iPhone to a friend’s iPhone – or their iPad or Macbook – your text will automatically be encrypted. Text messages stored on iCloud are also encrypted, as 10 Best Free Text Messaging Apps for iPhone and iPad 2020. There are more and more iPhone and iPad users nowadays. And communication has become easier and more convenient as numerous messaging apps emerging in app stores.

Mar 09, 2018 · One go-to app for folks who want encrypted messages is Signal. It's available on iPhone and Android and is really easy to use. First you download the app then register your phone number.

The app uses “state of the art algorithms” — the ECDH algorithm for key agreement and an AES/CBC/PKCS5P adding with 256 bits key algorithm to encrypt and decrypt all messages — that iPhone users: Type in your number and hit “Activate This Device.” You’ll receive a six-digit code via SMS text message, then type in the code and hit “Submit Verification Code.” Android users: Type in your phone number, hit “Register” and wait for the app to verify your phone number. When it finishes, it will ask if you want to The best part about iMessage is that its preinstalled on every iPhone, meaning sending encrypted messages is just as easy as sending a regular text message. Avoid at all costs: Telegram - iOS and Aug 15, 2018 · Wickr is one of the free Self Destructing Message App for iPhone. This messaging app enables you to send text, picture, audio and video which will delete the messages after a short delay. Compare to Snapchat, Wickr offers military-grade encryption of text, picture, audio and video messages. The best feature of Wickr is the sender-based control.

Jul 21, 2020 · Apart from the regular messaging, the encrypted chat app has a separate app for small-to-medium sized and enterprise businesses and is named as ‘WhatsApp Business.’ The popularity of this best encrypted messaging app can be well gauged by looking at its user base, which is over 1.5 billion. Notable features of WhatsApp secret text messages app:

So this passage will tell you several easy-to-use yet useful text messaging apps for iPhone. Top 8 Messaging Apps for iPhone: 1. Skype - Free. Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Features: This free application allows you to stay in touch with free video calls, voice calls and messaging on