05/04/2020 30/05/2020 David 1 Comment on Install Zabbix Agent to Monitor Windows and Linux Hosts If you have followed my previous article on setting up a Zabbix server, you should now have a functioning server…

Nov 15, 2018 How to Install and configure Zabbix agent on Ubuntu 18.04 Dec 05, 2018 How To use nmcli to connect to OpenVPN Server on Linux OpenVPN Server is a full-featured secure network tunneling VPN software. In this blog post, we will cover the steps to use nmcli to connect to OpenVPN Server on Linux. OpenVPN Server has Client software packages that run on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and iOS environments Install Zabbix Agent on Debian 10 Buster - kifarunix.com The Zabbix agent is installed and running on Debian 10 Buster host. Next add it agent to the Zabbix server for monitoring. Login to Zabbix server and navigate to Configuration > Hosts > Create host to add your host. Configure the Host details like the hostname, visible (if you want), Groups (Linux Servers for example), IP address.

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pfSense Zabbix Template. This is a pfSense active template for Zabbix, based on Standard Agent and a php script using pfSense functions library for monitoring specific data. Tested with pfSense 2.4.x and Zabbix 4.0. What it does. Template pfSense Active. Network interface Discovery and Monitoring with User Assigned Names

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