This place is dedicated to finding exactly which GNU/Linux distribution, also known as a distro, is right for you. Whether you have an older system with 256 MB of RAM, or a top of the line battle station, this subreddit is the best spot to get sound advice from the GNU/Linux community.

Which Linux Desktop Distribution is the best for me Dec 19, 2017 Best Linux Distributions For Everyone in 2020 - It's FOSS Feb 17, 2020 What Linux distribution is right for you? Try this quiz here to see what distro best fits your needs and experience with Linux. Many people may be confused on what distribution they want to start with for Linux so with this quiz you can get a idea for what one you should start out with depending on your experience and …

MX Linux is an open-source distro based on antiX and MEPIS.

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For me, as a low level power user, I just find that searching "how to do something in FreeBSD" feels like always leads me to something easy to follow through and consistent. In Linux many times I find that tutorials don't apply to my version, or this distro has this files somewhere else and a long list of etc.

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