How to secure your Wi-Fi network - the basic version

DD-WRT on ASUS RT-AC68U Router | Karim's Blog Nov 09, 2014 how to unbrick R7000 via telnet? | MyOpenRouter In dd-wrt password is encrypted and this is why old password does not work after install tomato (or back from dd-wrt to Genie). Do this: 1) run router and wait 2-3 2) push and hold wifi on/off button for 25 secs - this will enable a "backdoor" access to the router. 3) use putty and connect via telnet on port 233 and log in to router without

2) Flashed "successfully" from within DD-WRT GUI to Tomato initial version, let the router reboot. 3) Wanted to log back in and flash with full Tomato. However, now it asks me for login popup with DD-WRT. (Should be Tomato already) 4) So looks like it still runs DD-WRT (sort of), but I cannot access the GUI.

#3418 (Change SSH login name) – DD-WRT changing default login name is not possible since the username is the same name which is used for filesystem access and filesystem cannot be changed Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets. Astrill Setup Manual:Installing Astrill VPN applet onto Apr 06, 2020

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Flashing third party firmware with broken Reset button on