Call for international support for Justice and Peace in the Philippines. Stop the Killings. Save Our Schools. Protect Indigenous Life. Mobilize global solidarity vs. criminal US-Aquino regime! Stop the killings! Surface the disappeared. Free all political prisoners. End impunity now! Justice for the victims of human rights violations!

Welcome to International Women's Alliance Ministries, Inc. Let IWAM Help you to Move Your Vision-F O R W A R D! IWAM pronounced "I AM" We are a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit public charitable organization providing services, education and training through our resources centers. IWCA The mission of the International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is to empower women in the international coffee community to achieve meaningful and sustainable lives; and to encourage and recognize the participation of women in all aspects of the coffee industry. Stay In Touch. Sign up for the IWCA newsletter. First Name. GABRIELA - NATIONAL ALLIANCE OF FILIPINO WOMEN … GABRIELA is a grassroots-based alliance of more than 200 organizations, institutions, desks and programs based in communities, workplaces and schools throughout all regions and major provinces and cities in the Philippines. It also has chapters in eight countries outside of the Philippines. Founded in 1984, GABRIELA organizes Filipino women, primarily

Jul 24, 2020 · From the International League of Peoples’ Struggle-Latin America and the Caribbean (ILPS-ALyC), it is with deep sorrow that we have received the painful news that today at 12:45pm (Amsterdam time) the heart of Comrade Fidel Agcaoili of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NFDP) has stopped beating.

Women’s Rights Movement of the Philippines – International Women’s Rights Movement of the Philippines 25 March 2015 / in IAW around the world / by IAW Communications Unit. Founded in 1904 and based in Geneva, the International Alliance of Women (IAW) is an international NGO comprising 41 member organizations involved in the promotion of the human rights of women and girls globally. The IAW has

Nov 11, 2015 · Manila, Philippines 11 November, 2015 Today, the International Women’s Alliance (IWA) – a global alliance of militant grassroots-based women’s organizations, institutions, alliances, networks and individuals held their Second General Assembly in Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines. IWA members are committed to strengthen international solidarity of women against imperialist crisis and

International women’s rights organizations #7 | The Gender and Development Network GADN is an inclusive and effective membership network that consists of leading UK-based NGO staff, practitioners and academicians who work on gender equality, women development, and women’s rights issues. The International Women's Coffee Alliance (IWCA) is a global network of self-driven chapters focused on achieving sustainable livelihoods in their communities. Each chapter sets and pursues its own goals. All are united by the IWCA mission to em About Us. The Alliance for International Women's Rights is a U.S. non-profit organization with a mission of supporting women leaders and future women leaders in developing countries (with a current focus on Afghanistan). Founded in 2005, the Alliance for International Women's Rights supports women leaders and future women leaders in developing countries, with a current focus on Afghanistan. We do this by creating connections between Afghan women and skilled professionals in developed countries through our long-distance empowerment programs. The women’s march was joined by human rights groups Amnesty International, the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates (PAHRA), labor groups such as SENTRO and Partido ng Manggagawa, all calling for peace and self-determination in Mindanao and an end to the intervention in national affairs by the United States. The International Alliance of Women Records are open to research according to the regulations of the Sophia Smith Collection with the following exception: Electronic documents (on CD) and printouts, 1999-2007, are closed per donor instructions. Introduction by Konstantin Woinoff When, in 1889, the first Socialist International meeting in Paris declared the first of May as International Workers’ Day, they had