Help with wdtv live hub + hulu/netflix. aldwin Nov 01, 2012 05:32AM EDT. What model is the WD TV live hub that you are using? UnoTelly Customer Service. Step 2 step to do done on your WD TV. a. More articles in WD TV Live. Setting up UnoDNS on Your WD TV Live. WD TV HD Media Player Hacked and Put to. resource on how to hack your WD TV HD Media.

Oct 15, 2015 · Hello, I’ve had the WDTV Play for less than two weeks. Today I went to access Netflix and as the app boots up, but before it displays the profiles it says “Cannot connect to Netflix” and suggests I visit Netflix for help. Then when I click “try again” nothing happens. I exit the program then my home screen which should usually have all the apps visible is blank. I can use the buttons The WDTV does online streaming, playback from local USB devices, streams from other devices on the same network and plays just about every format there is (the £99 Roku 2 XS has a USB channel though it only plays a very limited number of formats which have to encoded to a specific standard). UnoTelly or UnoDNS is a DNS based system. What it simply does is that it tricks major content libraries like Netflix into thinking that you are streaming the content from next door. Unlike VPN solutions, UnoTelly is very fast because there is no “middle-man” between you and the website you want to stream. Contact Managing Team. Stop pulling out your hair! If isn't working, try communicating over the issues with them, directly. Copy below URL and spread it at the given pages as reference. Still having issues of quality with Netflix and it is not a wifi issue (can transfer content at 5MB/s to the local hard drive over wifi). Using the 8 day trial Unotelly DNS and have activated my Dec 25, 2012 · You do not need to get restricted to a television now, because with UnoTelly, you can watch whatever you like on your PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, PS3, Wii, iTouch, Android devices, XBOX 360, Playbook, Roku, WD TV live, Google TV, OpenElec, Boxee box, Apple TV, LG smart TV, XBMC, Sony TV and players, Samsung TV, Panasonic VIERA and even on DD-WRT.

Sep 19, 2014

Nov 23, 2013 Watch Netflix from Malaysia : How to watch location Unotelly is a straight forward DNS service that allows you to bypass all the filters online and grant you access to the glourious web content our American brothers have enjoyed but has so far eluded us Malaysians. Unotelly promises you the ability to watch Netflix, Hulu and a whole bunch of other channels from outside the US.

Handily though UnoTelly has specific region switching for the WDTV enabled. That being said, the Netflix app complies with the region set in your UnoTelly settings regardless of the regional apps

UnoTelly and Static IP - Jun 26, 2013 - UnoTelly - Watching regional locked To be able to use UnoTelly, you will have to setup an account. (Amazon Fire TV) support SSL SNI extension. e.g. LG smart TV or WDTV Live players don’t work. Apple TV works. Drop me an email with your ip when you want to test it. Reply. Marini. Feb 21, 2015 - 2:56 AM - hans - Author: Comment Link.